G'Five G5 Projector Dual SIM (GSM + GSM) Mobile Phone

It’s highly unlikely that you might have heard of this company and even if you did, you probably dismissed it as just another one of those ultra budget ‘Chinese’ mobile making companies. Truth is, yes it is cheap and yes it is a Chinese company. What G’Five brings to the Indian shelf is yet another bit of mobile technology that was announced ages ago but simply failed to make it past the prototype stage it seemed. So enter the G’Five G5, one of India’s first ever Dual SIM Projector Mobile Phones. Here’s a closer look. 

Form Factor
The G5 is actually a well constructed handset that’s both sturdy and good looking. It’s heavy, but hey what can you expect? The 2.4-inch TFT LCD display features a 240 x 360 resolution and although comfortable to view indoors can be a bit difficult for viewing in bright sunlit conditions. What I had a problem adjusting to was the weirdly placed five way nav-pad, selection and call keys. We’ve been so used to them being just under the display that the arrangement will be one you might not take to initially. After quite a while though, I did start getting used to the ‘Clear/Backspace’ button being below the keypad. Speaking of the keypad, the separated keys are great for speedy typing so no issues here.
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